Where To Buy

Purchase on PancakeSwap

7DAY can be swapped here or on Pancake Swap, with a recommended slippage set to 'Auto' or 13% for normal buys and sells. Sells are limited to half of your current holdings.
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Why 7DAY is
built to last

See some of the features 7DAY implements in order to reward holders and resist negative price movement.

7 Day Holding Period

Transfers initiate a 7 day holding period half of which can be sold each week, early sellers take a 55% fee

Up to 20% Reward to Holders

Holders are rewarded up to 20% of every transfer; 4% on normal transfers and 20% on early sells

Dump Resistant

Wallets with more than 1% of the supply (5% max) are limited to 0.5% sells each week including developers

Up to 35% Liquidity Locks

A portion of the fees are locked forever, increasing the price floor; 7% on normal transfers and 35% on early sells
Initial Launch

Fully Transparent and Fair

Liquidity tokens are locked for a minimum of 2 years, ownership renounced. 30% Burned on launch, 4% each to marketing and developers, remaining tokens released to the public with no presale. A fee of less than 0.98% on normal transfers from liquidity transfers by the contract is used for marketing as well as an unannounced upcoming feature. Contract is posted and verified on BSCscan.
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How To Buy

1. Download the Trust Wallet for Apple or for Android.
2. After creating your wallet, purchase Smart Chain.
3. At the Swap Section of the website click Connect and choose "WalletConnect". WalletConnect can be found in the settings portion of Trust Wallet.
4. Enter the amount of BNB (Smart Chain) you wish to swap into 7DAY. 'Auto Slippage' or 12% is recommended.
The 7 day timer begins.
Early Sellers
Trouble Selling?

How To Sell

1. Sells are limited to half (50%) of your holdings.
Note: Owning 1% or more of the supply limits you to 5 trillion tokens each sell.
2. Selling before your 7 day timer requires slippage to be set to 120%+ to incur a 55% fee (Pancake Swap does not support this). Transfers after 7 days may use Auto Slippage.
3. Approve your sell, and Swap to confirm. Your new 7 day timer begins.
Coming Soon

Our Roadmap

Phase I

$1,000,000 Market Cap

1,000 Telegram Members

Proof of Contraction Functions - Week 1 Completed

Mainstream Digital and Inbound Marketing Campaigns

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listings

1,000 Holders

Phase II

$10,000,000 Market Cap

10,000 Telegram Members

Multi Contract Liquidity System Allowing other Projects to use 7DAY using Buybacks

International Marketing Campaigns with Undisclosed Marketing Company

Trust Wallet Listing

Personalized Countdown Timer Section via our Website

Phase III

$100,000,000 Market Cap

50,000 Telegram Members

7DAY Centralized Community App Launched!

Nationwide Marketing Campaigns and Partnership Announcements

Project Announcement

10,000 Holders

What To Expect?

Coming Soon

7DAY is working with other teams in order to incorporate a multi contract system which will allow other projects to use 7DAY for liquidity, while 7DAY receives fees on contracts that use this feature; permanently burning 7DAY from circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting a Transaction Error Why Can't I Sell?

As noted in our sell guide, these errors usually occur when trying to sell before your 7 day lock up period is finished.  In order to sell early please set the slippage to at least 120%+ (for the 55% fee), and make sure you are selling no more than half of your holdings at a time.

Is this a scam? Why is the chart only going up?

No, 7DAY is not a scam.  The built in functions of 7DAY ensures holders are rewarded for holding for a minimum of 7 days.  Early sells have a very low price impact due to the extreme fees of selling early.

What other planned features are being implemented? Is there a buyback?

Currently, we are working with another team implementing more new features via smart contracts – the specifics will be more clear in our whitepaper.  There will be manual buybacks of the token which will very soon be automated in a way that will help resist downward trends.  Essentially, if a token uses 7DAY and is successful, that will directly relate to the success of 7DAY as well.

Does buying ever initiate a 55% fee?

No, buying will never receive the 55% fee that early sellers get.  The 55% fee only happens when a sell happens before the 7 day period ends.

Where is the Discussion? Where can we reach you?

The best place to discuss and find us is on Telegram.

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